Safety Responsibilities

Through the Occupation Health & Safety (OHS) Act you have the right to:

  1. The right to know about health and safety matters
  2. The right to participate in decisions that could affect you health and safety
  3. The right to refuse work that could affect your health and safety and that of others without threat of discriminatory action

Everyone has the responsibility to:

  • Ensure the heath and safety of themselves and others
  • Cooperate with their supervisor for purposes of health and safety
  • Use all devices as trained and wear all require personal protection equipment (PPE)
  • Report unsafe or unhealthy conditions
  • Refrain form causing or participating in violence and harassment
  • Comply with the OHS code and Act and the Student Code of Behaviour

Course: Working Safely

As defined by OH&S a supervisor is anyone who guides the work of others. In all likelihood at some point you will be a supervisor whether it be in a research or teaching lab

  • Must be competent
  • Protect the health and safety of workers
  • Advise workers of all health and safety hazards
  • Report all health and safety concerns to the employer
  • Prevent violence and harassment

Course: Supervising Safely

Employers Responsibilities/UofA’s Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the health, safety and welfare of workers and the public
  • Provide competent supervisors
  • Train workers
  • Prevent violence and harassment working with the joint work site health and safety committee or health and safety representative

Safety is Everybody’s Business: Be Alert, Be Aware, Be Careful!