Lab Security

Lab PIs are ultimately responsible for:

  • the safe storage of the dangerous goods in their labs
  • security of the laboratory

The University is concerned with the theft of hazardous materials and laboratory equipment.

All laboratories and chemical storage rooms where hazardous goods are stored must be kept locked!

Personnel working the the labs are also responsible for the lab’s security.

  1. Keep the labs locked, and question unfamiliar personnel who enter the lab.
  2. Report suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities, call the U of A Protective Services at 780-492-5050 or 780-492-5252. Some thefts have occurred by individuals posing as University staff, so if strangers enter your lab, question them as to their purpose for being there. All Physical Plant Workers carry their University identification.

As a lab worker, you will be issued keys or a swipe pass to the facility. The department has set regulations for the keys or swipe passes for all personnel:

  • DO NOT duplicate or lend your keys
  • DO NOT provide building or room entry to unauthorized persons
  • Report any missing or stolen keys
  • Return your keys upon completion of your degree or work assignment
  • Accept personal liability while working in the building
  • Understand that disciplinary action can/may be taken if the above conditions are violated

Security in the Lab/Department is Everyone’s Responsibility!