Hazardous Waste Disposal

To be authorized to submit hazardous waste please complete the Hazardous Waste Management course and then contact Rebecca Funk to be approved to submit waste to B-03

HSE operates a Chemical Waste Disposal Program where all University hazardous waste is picked up and sent out for proper disposal. Waste cards are generated for each bottle/bag/pail of waste using CHEMATIX. Waste is then delivered to ESB B-03 for storage until pick is arranged by the EAS Safety Designate for pick up. Go to ESB 1-26 to borrow the key to deposit waste. Hazardous waste should never be poured down the drains or placed into regular garbage.

We CANNOT dispose of UNLABELLED or INCORRCELY LABELLED chemicals – you MUST LABEL your chemical waste CORRECTLY.

Always make sure to:

1. Each bottle/bag/container needs its own unique waste card. It does not matter if it has the same waste as another container.
2. Do not use your own lab as the room on the waste card. It is always B-03. Otherwise your waste cards cannot accessed and will not be submitted for picked up by HSE.
3. Sharps, needles, pipettes, and syringes (even if they have no tips) must be disposed of in a sharps container.
4. Leave 10% air space in containers in case of expansion.

There are some chemicals that they will not take because of their extreme hazards. HSE will call a professional chemical disposal agency to remove these types of chemicals.

All waste should be bottles in separate containers. DO NOT mix different chemicals in the same bottle. Explosions have occurred from this practice. Keep all liquid chemical waste separate. Be sure to place the liquid waste into the correct containers, e.g. Hydrofluoric Acid waste cannot be placed into glass bottles. DO NOT use metal containers to store corrosive wastes – they will corrode the metal container.

If ever in doubt of the correct packaging for hazardous waste use the linked google form for more information.

Failure to comply with the proper disposal of chemicals may result in an incident report. Pouring chemicals down the drain or placing chemical waste in the regular garbage can result in steep fines.