Fire Safety

Emergency Procedures:

Fire Drills:

There is one fire drill every year across campus. This drill is held at 15 minutes to the hour to minimize disruption to classes and is usually held early in the school year.

Fire Alarms:

Fire alarms will sound for a fire, a large or very toxic chemical spill or a bomb threat. You are to leave the building immediately and use the nearest exit.

You are not to:

  • go back to your office or classroom
  • stop off at a washroom.
  • re-enter the building until the “all clear” signal has been given.

Non Ambulatory Persons:

Should go to a stairwell area and wait there for help. Be sure that a fire warden knows you are there. They will convey your location to the chief fire warden and that person will have the emergency response team assist you out of the building. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THE ELEVATORS.  The elevators are programmed to go to the first floor and open their doors.  They will not respond to any calls until they have been unlocked via the Fire Department personnel or when someone from U of A Facilities resets them.

If you detect a fire:

Sound the fire alarm. The pull stations are located near all exits and stairwell exits to the buildings. Inform the fire wardens of the location of the fire and the type of fire if you know.

Fire Evacuation Procedures:

  1. Activate fire alarm pullstation…(can be found along exit route)
  2. Close door(s) in fire area…
  3. Evacuate fire area and building…
  4. Call 911 – give name, location and nature of the fire…
  5. Meet fire department at main entrance.

Note: Only attempt to extinguish the fire if no danger exists and the first three steps have been taken.

Fire Extinguishers:

Are found in all labs and many offices. There are also extinguishers near the exits to the buildings. You should only attempt to put the fire out if you know how to use an extinguisher properly and are not being cut off from your escape route. You only have 30 seconds to put the fire out, after that you MUST leave.

Emergency Routes:

Instructors or TA’s should check for the nearest fire escape route from their classrooms and bring this information to the attention of their class as part of their introductory talks. Remind all personnel not to return to their offices or to stop off at washrooms should the fire alarms sound. Also remind non-ambulatory personnel to go to a stairwell area and wait; report this information to a fire warden. If possible, have someone stay with the non-ambulatory person. NO ONE SHOULD ATTEMPT TO USE AN ELEVATOR WHEN THE FIRE ALARMS SOUND. Personnel on crutches should be reminded to allow the main flow of traffic to go ahead of them down the stairs and to wait until the stairwells have cleared before descending – unnecessary falls have happened when they attempt to go down the stairs during the initial evacuation.

If your clothes catch on fire, you must STOP, DROP and ROLL to put the fire out!