Fire Emergency Procedures

Fire Alarms:

Fire alarms will in sound the case of an emergency where evacuation of the building is needed such as a fire, a large/toxic chemical spill, gas release, bomb threat, etc.. You are to leave the building immediately and use the nearest exit.

Make sure you:

  • Close the doors of the area you are in
  • Immediately head to the nearest fire escape route
  • If you are or are with a non-ambulatory person immediately alert a fire warden (identified by their hi-vis vest and hard hat) and head to the top of the nearest stairwell. The fire warden will arrange an emergency response team to come assist you out of the building
  • If there is smoke stay low to the ground
  • If you feel heat or see a lot of smoke coming out of a door, go to an alternate fire escape route


  • Ignore the fire alarm and continue working because you assume its a drill
  • Go back to your office or classroom/lab/office
  • Stop off at a washroom
  • Re-enter the building until the “all clear” signal has been given

If you detect a fire:

Sound the fire alarm. The pull stations are located near all exits and stairwell exits to the buildings. Inform the fire wardens of the location of the fire and the type of fire if you know it.

Fire Evacuation Procedures:

  1. Pull the fire alarm
  2. If the fire extinguisher is near by and the fire is small enough attempt to extinguish. If cannot extinguish it within 30 secs or if you are success still move on to step 3
  3. Close door(s) in fire area
  4. Evacuate fire area and building
  5. Find a fire warden and let them know the location, size, type of fire occurring, and any other hazards you may be aware of
  6. Meet fire department at main entrance

Emergency Exit Routes and Muster Points:

The muster point and exit routes for each building are posted by every elevator. The should also be listed in your lab/classroom’s Unit Action Plan. Make sure you are familiar with the nearest fire exits for the areas you work in.

Fire Drills:

There is one fire drill every year across campus. This drill is held at 15 minutes to the hour to minimize disruption to classes and is usually held early in the school year.

Fire Extinguishers:

Are found in all labs, many offices, and by all the building exits. You should only attempt to put the fire out if you know how to use an extinguisher properly and are not being cut off from your escape route. You only have 30 seconds to put the fire out, after that you MUST leave. For more information about fire extinguishers, continue to the Fire Extinguishers information page.

If your clothes catch on fire – STOP, DROP, and ROLL to put the fire out!