Please read through the Field Research Office: Vehicles website for all the information on using vehicles in the field. For more information of the UofA Fleet follow the link.

Driving UofA Vehicles

Anyone driving a vehicle either from the vehicle pool, leased, rental, or privately owned must comply with the Vehicle Management and Driver Safety Policy and be an authorized driver:

  • Possess a valid Canadian or US driver’s license
  • Must be 19 years of age to drive a University Vehicle, rental or leased vehicle. Minimum age to drive a 15 passenger van is 21 years, possess a Class 4 License, and complete UofA’s van orientation
  • Possess a driver’s abstract with fewer than 5 demerits or 3 moving violation for new drivers. Existing drivers may not have any more than 6 demerits or 3 moving violations
  • Successfully complete a defensive driving course (DDC) at the UofA or have completed a DDC within the past 2 years from a certified provider
  • Successfully complete a driver’s evaluation course (DEC), conducted at the University. Schedule your in-car evaluation

You must get final authorization from the University Fleet Officer for driving privileges using the linked form

Helicopter Safety

Make sure you always make sure you have a safety orientation before boarding a helicopter. Pay close attention the pilot pre-flight briefing and follow their instructions.

If the rotors are turning or about to turn
  • You should always approach in the pilots’ visual field [front]
  • Approach a helicopter walking uphill or crouching if on the level
  • Never approach a helicopter from above [main rotor]
  • Never approach a helicopter from the rear [tail rotor]
  • Hold onto all light weight items as they could be blown away
  • If an item does get blown away do not chase it – it’s not worth your life unless you have been specifically designated as a helper

ATV and Snowmobile Training

If you are using an ATV or snowmobile for field work it is mandatory that you complete the ATV Safety Training course or Snowmobile Safety Training course respectively provided by HSE/FRO.