Field Hazards:

EAS personnel who will be working in the field need to be aware of the natural hazards that can cause them harm or severe illness. The hazards not only pertain to the larger mammals, there are microbiological hazards, water borne hazards, plant hazards, severe weather, forest fires and more that may cause life-threatening situations and illness. You are advised to check the EAS Safety Site and read the information listed regarding Microbiological Hazards, West Nile information and Plant Induced Dermatitis.  If you are travelling outside of Canada, you need to investigate the hazards of the area you will be working in for that locations unique hazards.

The U of A has a unique web-site to aid all Field Researchers.  This site shows you everything you need to know about complying with University policies, as well as Provincial and Federal regulations. Follow the link to reach the Field Research Office website.

Bear Awareness and Avoidance:

The department has a complete Bear Safety Program in place. There is an online source of information regarding Bear Awareness and Avoidance under the EAS Safety Site. Field workers are encouraged to read this site thoroughly and then view the two bear videos: Staying Safe in Bear Country: A Behavioral-Based Approach to Reducing Risk, (48 min) and Working In Bear Country (22 min). Contact Diane Caird to view the two video’s at any time.

Stars Air Ambulance:

Fieldworkers need to familiarize themselves with the Stars Air Ambulance service and know how to set up a site license in the event of a serious accident. You are advised to go to the EAS Safety page and read the section on “STARS Emergency Link Centre” under Field Safety.

ATV Courses:

ATV Courses are provided on campus by the Fleet Safety Officer. If you will be using ATV’s for your research, you will need to join one fo the many courses to become certified.  Your certification will be good for three years.

Snowmobile Safety:

The U of A offers a one day snowmobile course.  Contact the Fleet Safety Officer at: to set up a course for your group.