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STARS Air Ambulance

June, 2011

The STARS Air Ambulance is now in three western provinces, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  The Alberta STARS helicopter bases are located in Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie and can services almost all areas of Alberta and some areas of north eastern British Columbia. Saskatchewan has two STARS bases; one in Regina and the other Saskatoon.  The Manitoba base for STARS is in Winnipeg.  Click to view STARS Coverage Area.  Please be aware that STARS will only provide their full service [communication and transport] in their Coverage Area.  Once you are outside of their service area, STARS provides only communication.  STARS will host your call and put you in contact with the appropriate medical provider for the area you are working in as long as your Research Area is in Canada.)  See below for research area’s outside of Canada.*        

For University Researchers, this means that when you make a phone call to STARS you have activated an important link in the Chain of Survival.  This one-call activation saves valuable time if someone is seriously injured in the field.  However, researchers must remember that STARS is not a replacement for local 9-1-1 services.  Activate STARS only if you have a serious medical emergency. 

If you have a remote research site of multiple day occupation you should register your site with STARS.  Registering the site allows STARS to locate you faster and know important information about who is at this site and the level of medical training available at the site.  Please click on their link to view what information they will need to register your site.   Use the phone that you have in the field to contract them so you cans see if their numbers will work with your Satellite phone:  (1-888-888-4567) or cellular:  (4567).  If the cellular phone number does not work with your Satellite phone, then use the STARS alternate phone number (1-403-299-0932).  (All researchers need to know that some SAT phones will not dial out to 9-1-1 or to a 1-800-number.  Therefore, when you are planning your field research you must know your equipment, know the alternate phone numbers for emergency dispatch in the area you are working in and develop an Emergency Response Plan that includes and prominently displays this information.)

*Research Area’s Outside of Canada:

STARS does not have emergency dispatch or medical facility information readily available for areas outside of Canada. STARS cannot support you with any other service except to host a call using phone numbers which you must provide. You must do the research and located the Emergency Response Phone numbers that STARS will need to contact in the event of a medical emergency. 

 Visit the University of Alberta Field Research Office for information regarding STARS. 

 For more information, please visit the STARS website.