General Procedures for Personal Offices

The Provincial “Working Alone” Regulations took affect on April 30, 2001. The Safety Committee has assessed areas in the department and has assigned a risk level to all areas. Offices have a low, but real, risk level.

During regular hours, 8:­00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., there are many people available to assist you in case of emergency. However, when you work alone after hours, or if your office is in a particularly isolated/remote location, the risk increases. In that case you should be aware of your personal vulnerability and take steps to reduce it. You are responsible for your own personal safety.

  1. The most effective means to reduce the personal vulnerability risk is simply to use the “buddy system”, i.e. work with a buddy or co-worker. There is safety in numbers and an immediate support system in the event of an emergency.
  2. If you choose to work alone or if the “buddy system” is not feasible, consider the following:
    1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. You may wish to keep your door locked.
    2. Have a communications plan in place, which can be
      • To simply tell a friend or a family member that you will be working in the lab/office alone/after hours and when you will be returning home. If you do not arrive at the scheduled time, they should contact you to see why you have not arrived home.
      • Utilize Protective Services Lone Worker program @780-4925252 and inform them you will be working, your time in and estimated time out (they will request this information to enable them to deal with emergencies). Never leave without calling them to report out. For information on the Lone Worker service view their web-page at: Lone Worker Program  and use SAFEWALK to get to your car. Phone 780-492-5563 or 4WALKME.
      • Carry a cell phone.
      • Never let anyone into the building if they do not have their own key.
      • Report any unusual building activities to Protective Services, 780-492-5050.

You should familiarize yourself with the various agencies/offices in the Emergency Guide in the front of the University phone book.

Protective Services: 780-492-5050

Call 911 for Police, Fire or Ambulance