Standard Operating Procedure

EAS areas of South Campus


During the winter of 1999-2000 Building F-52 and the General Storage Building suffer­ed from a major infestation of mice. Droppings, dried urine and bodies were noted throughout both buildings. The presence of mice presents a potential biohazard, i.e. the possibility of the Hanta virus, which is extremely dangerous to humans. All recognizable and reachable traces of the infestation were removed from F-52 during the summer and the normal work areas were disinfected. It was not possible to clean all stacked/stored material, nor is it possible to completely exclude future intrusions of field mice so there will be a continuing potential biohazard. A continuing hazard will exist in the General Storage Building, which is open to continued access by field mice and is not under our control. An information package about this potential biohazard is provided. Contact Lisa Budney, Rm B-01 ESB at 780-288-0109 or Katie Nichols  Rm-102 ESB or 1-13 ESB, to obtain a copy of this package.

Before being granted permission to access or work in either building, you are required to sign that you have read and understood this information.

Mouse poison and traps will be used in Building F-52, and checked regularly to monitor and to eliminate the mouse population as much as possible in that building.

All persons visiting or working in this facility must be aware of the continuing potential biohazard and the steps to be taken if evidence of mice is found. Regulations outlined on the next page must be followed or permission for future visits/work sessions will be denied.

You should familiarize yourself with the various agencies/offices in the Emergency Guide in the front of the University phone book.

Protective Services:  780-492-5050

Call 911 for Police, Fire or Ambulance


  1. All visits to the EAS facilities on the South Campus (Building F-52 and the General Storage Building, later called either building) must be entered in the log maintained by the Collections Manager. Contact Lisa Budney, Rm B-03 ESB at 780-288-0109 or Katie Nichols,  1-13 ESB,  or 248-1270 – the XRD lab.
  2. Any work that requires moving or examining material in either building must not be carried out alone. Solo visits are to be made only during regular working hours. Along with the key, you will be given a cell phone and during extended visits, lasting more than an hour, persons working alone must phone the main office every 2 to 3 hours and check in. The phone must be returned with the keys.
  3. Access to the forklift in Building F-52 is restricted to qualified EAS personnel. If you require the use of the forklift, arrangements will be made for EAS personnel to accompany you to the farm and they will operate the forklift.
  4. No food or drink is to be brought into either building, stored or consumed on the premises and no empty food or drink containers may be left anywhere inside the buildings, including in the trash bins.  Such items will attract mice into the building.
  5. No camping cooking equipment may be stored in either building.  The food odours will attact mice to the building.
  6. Any fabric items to be stored (i.e. sleeping bags, all-weather parkas, or other camping gear) must be sealed in mouse-proof containers, preferably a plastic (Rubbermaid style) storage box or a metal box or barrel.
  7. Lab coats or other fabric items of work gear must be hung on the hangers provided. Fabric items must not be left on the floor, tables, chairs or storage boxes.
  8. Prior to moving or accessing any stored material the user must ensure that there are no traces of mice on or around the material in question. If mouse droppings, dried urine or mouse bodies, killed by the poison in use in the building, are found then all work in that area must cease and the appropriate personnel in the EAS department, listed below, must be notified to arrange a decontamination and cleanup of the area.

Persons to be notified are:

  • Lisa Budney  780-288-0109
  • Katie Nichols, Safety Committee, 780-492-1122
  • MJ Turnell, Assistant Chair (Admin.) 780-492-3216