Eye/Face Protection

Consult Section 8 of the SDS for the hazardous materials you are using to see which PPE is recommended

Safety Glasses:

Safety glasses are worn to protect the eyes to prevent dust, vapours, and splash hazards. Prescription glasses are NOT a substitution for safety glasses. If you wear prescription glasses make sure you use safety glasses designed to fit over them.

Safety Goggles:

Safety googles add a extra level of protection over safety glasses. They seal around your eyes and protect them from hazards in all directions. Once again, make sure the goggles fit over your prescription glasses if you wear them and seal properly.

Face Shield:

Face shields protect the entire face from dust, vapours, and splash hazards. They are commonly used with highly dangerous acids such as HF.

Other Eye/Face PPE:

When working with welders, lasers, or furnaces specialized eye wear is worn to protect the eyes from light, laser, or heat damage. Consult the Lab PI, safety documentation, or manufacturer to ensure the correct PPE is worn.