Perchloric Acid

Dangers of Perchloric Acid and Perchlorates:

Perchloric acid acts like a strong acid, a strong oxidizer, and when they dry out they form crystals which are shock sensitive and can cause an explosion. This can lead to serious injuries, death, and/or severe property damage. For this reason special controls and training are necessary to work with perchloric acid and perchlorates.

Labs working with perchlorates must follow the Safe Work Practices outlined by HSE.

Required Safety Documentation:

Lab PI’s must have the following readily available to all those working in the lab:

  • Perchlorate SOP published by HSE
  • Perchlorate Lab Specific SOP
    • Perchlorate Spill response
    • First Aid Procedures
    • PPE required when working with HF

When working with Perchlorates:

  • Receive lab specific training HF form the Lab PI/supervisor before performing any work
  • Review the SDS sheets for perchlorates, your lab’s SOP, and all safety plans
  • Never work alone
  • Always use a perchloric acid fumehood when working with perchloric acid at concentrations higher than 30%
  • Wear the appropriate PPE, i.e. flame retardant lab coat
  • Perchloric acid must always be kept wet
  • You are never permitted to distill/dry perchloric acid