07. Standard Operating Procedures

All labs are required to have Standard Operating Procedures written out for the common chemical reactions and analytical procedures in the lab as well as the safe operation of lab equipment and all safety procedures.


SOP’S are written to supplement the one on one lab training by the Supervisor or their designates.

A chemical procedure SOP should contain:

  • information on the health hazard of the chemical
  • how the procedure is done in step form
  • what to do if there is an accident, and where to call for help in case of an injury.
  • if there is specific first aid instructions in case of an injury, these should be noted on the SOP
  • incident what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required to be worn to prevent exposure to the hazardous goods

An SOP written for the operation of Lab Equipment should include:

  • any special safety hazards the equipment may have
  • the PPE that should be worn while operating the equipment
  • the steps required to operate the item safely.
  • information on what to do if something goes wrong and who to contact if the unit does not work properly.
  • steps to take to shut down the equipment safely

All Lab Supervisors must keep TRAINING RECORDS of all personnel who work in their areas. No one will work with any dangerous goods or operate equipment without proper training and authorization by the Lab Supervisor and have signed their training records.