08. Injuries Incidents & Reporting Procedures

All incidents/injuries which occur in the work place must be reported, including those that occur in the field. When an injured worker or student seeks or receives medical aid due to a workplace injury, the required Workplace Compensation forms must be filled out. A copy of this form must go to the Assistant Chair (Admin) of the department. These forms are to be completed within a 72 hour period after the accident has occurred or fines may be issued. (The University is required to fill out and submit the WCB form within 72 hours – and can be fined for not doing so.) As an employee of the University you are required to inform your employer of a workplace injury. WCB forms can be obtained from the website:  Human Resource Services

In addition to the WCB forms, the department requires a written report of:

  • when the incident/injury happened
  • how the incident/injury occurred
  • what actions were taken to assist the injured worker
  • what preventative measures are being done to reduce or eliminate the possibility of a reoccurrence

This report must be submitted to the Assistant Chair (Admin.) The Safety Officer should be called to write up the incident/injury report. In his/hers absence contact anyone on the EAS Safety Committee to fill out the required forms.

Here is a link to the injury forms:  Report an Injury or Incident

Occupational Health & Safety Legislation Required Reportable Incidences or Near Misses:

There are also reporting requirements under the Occupational Health
& Safety Legisaltion regardless of whether the incidents resuls in a
personal injury or an illness.  These specific types of incidents, (near misses),  or
injuries require IMMEDIATE reporting to the Office of Environmental
Health & Safety.  In these cases, EH&S will contact regulators
on behalf of the University and assist you with your response to the
incident or injury.  These specific incidents and injuries are:

Any incident or injury involving pressure equipment
Any incident or injury involving flood, fire or explosion
Any incident or injury involving an elevator
Any incident or injury resulting in hospitalization
Any incident or injury related to the collapse of a crane or derrick
Any incident or injury related to the collapse of structure necessary for the structural integrity of a building
To report these incidents, contact Report an Incident or Injury