13. Wear the Appropriate Safety Equipment for the Job at Hand

Protect Yourself and Others from Injuries:

Gloves deserve special mention because of the variety of gloves available. You must ensure that you have chosen the right glove for the right job. Certain types of gloves are more impervious to certain chemicals than others – you must know which glove is good for the chemical/s you are working with. You must be sure that the gloves you are wearing will not be dissolved by the chemicals you are working with.

You can find this information in most SDS sheets under “protective equipment”. The newer sheets are starting to inform readers of the correct gloves to wear. However, if the SDS sheet does not mention which glove is best for the job, try the Fisher Scientific Catalogue. They have a Chemical Resistant Guide under the glove section. If the chemicals you are using are not listed in these tables, phone the manufacturer of the chemical and find out what they recommend. Their number should be on the SDS sheet.

Remember, if you are doing a two stage chemical procedure, be sure to find a glove that is compatible with both/all chemicals you will be using OR re-glove with new gloves that are impervious to the chemical you are working with at each stage of the procedure.

The following interdepartmental memo, sent out to all Chairs, October, 1997, highlights the necessity to provide and ensure lab personnel wear appropriate gloves. Click on Next to read the memo.