19. Chemical Transport

Safe Transport of Chemicals on Campus or Between Rooms within a Building:

When moving chemicals between buildings on campus or through the hallways, it is important that you place all chemicals being moved into secondary containers. Secondary Containers must be used so that if the original container fails, the secondary container can hold the contents of the chemical being transported. This allows the person more time to get the chemical to the nearest fumehood and avoids chemical spills in a public area. (i.e. in the hallways or between buildings.)

If you are moving a single bottle, the Bottle Carrier shown below, is ideal. The bottle carrier will protect glass containers from breakage while the chemicals are transported through hallways. The bottle carrier will contain the chemical if the original container fails.


If you are using a utility cart to carry more than one chemical, a simple polypropylene tray on the cart will work. Be sure that the size of the tray will contain all of the chemicals you are transporting. Also, make sure that the chemicals placed into the tray are compatible; if the bottles were to break you would not want a chemical reaction to occur while you were in a hallway.  Make sure to use a cart that has sides, so the tray cannot bounce off the cart spilling the contents onto the floor.

chem chart