22. Eye Injuries

Eye injuries due to a chemical splash deserve special attention. Any injury at a work site must be reported, but eye injuries require immediate action and attention. If you receive a chemical splash to the eye, permanent damage can begin to occur after 30 seconds! You must react immediately and rinse your eye for at least 15 minutes before seeking medical attention. You will probably have to pry your eyes open, it is a natural reflex for the eyes to close tightly.

Do Not attempt to go to the hospital or University Health Center until you have rinsed your eye completely for 15 minutes. Once you arrive at the hospital or Health Center they will continue to have you rinse your eyes. Flushing the chemical out of the eye is the best First Aid possible.

Call the Safety Officer to come and assist you. They will call ahead to the hospital or U of A Health Services to advise that you are coming over. Take a hard-copy of the MSDS Sheet with you to the hospital, this will save them valuable time in treating your injury. Any information you can provide the doctors about the chemical splash you have received will assist them in their choice of treatment for the injury.

An Incident report and a WCB report must be filled out in the event of an eye injury. These reports have a short time-frame to be filled out, the University must file the WCB forms within 72 hours or risk fines.