31. Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) and 2015 WHMIS are complementary hazard communication systems. The purpose of TDG is to protect the general public from hazards associated with dangerous goods during transportation.

2015 WHMIS, on the other hand, was developed to help workers safely handle hazardous materials in the workplace.

No overlap is intended – where one system leaves off, the other takes over.

If you ship, receive or transport dangerous goods, you must be trained and carry a Certificate of Training, or work under the direct supervision of someone who is trained. You should be fully conversant with the TDG Act and Regulations. There are fines and possible imprisonment for receiving, shipping and transporting hazardous materials improperly.

TDG Regulations will apply to field courses/work when you are transporting controlled products into the field, either by air, rail or road. TDG courses are offered at EH&S. To enroll, phone EH&S at 492-1810 or go to their website to enroll.  TDG Training and look under Upcoming Courses. 

If you require hazardous goods while you are working in the field, have the original supplier ship the dangerous goods directly to your field location – do not route the goods through the department. (This then requires an EAS person to re-label and reship the item to you in the field.) You are paying for double-shipping of the goods, and if there are transportation problems regarding the shipping the dangerous goods to the site – you will be advised of this by the original supply house. If the original supplier cannot ship the dangerous good to the site, then we will not be able to ship the item either – it means that no carrier will transport the item. (Shipping of dangerous goods to Northern Canada is extremely difficult and you may have to plan a year in advance to get items moved to your research locations.)

Dangerous Goods cannot be placed in regular mail. The Canadian Postal Service does not transport dangerous goods.

The following link shows the Transportation of Dangerous goods placards:   TDG Canada


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